Comrade Amra Ram, State Secretary of CPI(M) Rajasthan and one of the leading voices of the peasantry filed his nomination for Sikar Lok Sabha Constituency on April 15. He has been leading struggles for the peasantry and has won those battles. His victory would mean that voices of the farmers and workers will reach Parliament to raise their demands.

Election campaign of comrade JP Gavit rolls on with door to door meetings for Dindori Lok Sabha Constituency. Comrade Gavit along with others has been one of the leading face of Kisan Long March and has fought for rights of Peasantry and Tribals.

Comrade Raghunath Singh, our candidate from Anandpur Sahib Lok Sabha constituency held campaign meeting at the Gate of Swaraj Mazda Aston. The workers of the factory extended support to comrade Singh and contributed money for his election campaign.

Selling out national public assets to private corporates has been a hallmark of BJP rule. The BJP has followed in the footsteps of the Congress in doing so, and has sought to beat the latter in the game, even as they engage in empty talk on “nationalism”.

So many promises were made to young people and first time voters by Modi in 2014. But his rule has become a tale of promises betrayed.

The India that we love is under severe attack by those in power who have sought to divide her citizens in the name of religion.

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Over the years, several journalists have lost their lives while reporting about human rights violations, corruption and for doing their job. In 2018, three journalists have lost their lives, the latest of them being veteran Kashmiri journalist Shujaat Bukhari.

The central government controls social development programmes like MGNREGA, ICDS but has no commitment to them and is curtailing budgetary allocation.

In the North East Indian States bamboos grow abundantly in the forest and plains. There are many restrictions in cutting trees from forests. So many people are growing bamboos in their private land for commercial purposes.