Declaration about criminal antecedents of candidates set up by the party

Selling out national public assets to private corporates has been a hallmark of BJP rule. The BJP has followed in the footsteps of the Congress in doing so, and has sought to beat the latter in the game, even as they engage in empty talk on “nationalism”.

So many promises were made to young people and first time voters by Modi in 2014. But his rule has become a tale of promises betrayed.

The India that we love is under severe attack by those in power who have sought to divide her citizens in the name of religion.

In the past five years, the Narendra Modi led BJP Government has systematically subverted the Constitution and a range of institutions, establishing a communal, authoritarian regime.

Women have a particularly high stake in these elections. This is because five years of Modi Government have seen an increased assault on the hard won rights of women in all spheres.

During its 5 years rule at the Centre, the Modi government has taken steps in the area of public healthcare which were not only retrograde, but also an attack on the existing public healthcare system itself, the effect of which are still unfolding.

In this appeal we bring you the real picture of what the Modi Government policies have been for you, the adivasis of India.

The last five years have seen the most historic struggles of kisans and rural workers. Your fight has shaken the political establishment and brought the issues of rural India to the forefront of national politics.

At the centre of this campaign are the so-called flagship schemes such as Ujjwala Yojana, Jan Dhan Yojana, Skill India and so on. But what is the reality behind these claims?