The upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019 will be crucial in determining the future of India’s students and youth. Five years of the BJP government led by Narendra Modi have seen all-round attacks on the people of our country. Students have been badly affected by the policies of the Modi government.

As workers and employees,you have fought hard against the Modi Government’s policies which,in the name of “labour reform”,have sought to eliminate all the rights you have won through decades of struggle and sacrifice.

While most Dalits did not believe the alluring promise of ‘achhe din’ (good days)made by Narendra Modi they probably never expected to experience such dire straits.

“Na khaoonga, na khaane doonga” Narendra Modi boasted during the 2014 election campaign. Corruption, he insisted, would be wiped out in the New India that would be ushered in with his achhe din. Five years down the line, that seems like a sick joke, and as hollow as his promise to put Rs 15 lakh into each Indian’s account.